Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm not too sure where the last week went. Seems like I was pretty busy, but when I think about it, I'm not really too sure how much I really accomplished. I know I spent time working on my new pattern/project because I only have four more blocks to finish and I can put the top together (hopefully today!) Then I need to start refining my instructions. Not quite so much fun, but a necessary part of the project.

I did spend a couple of hours Sunday afternoon working on my Dear Jane project. I'd really like to finish this by my next birthday (well, at least the top!) so I plan on making this my Sunday afternoon puttering around project.
I started off with this block, nice and easy to get myself back in the swing of figuring out the math and actually piecing these little beauties! This was a simple Sawtooth Star blocks, and it went together quite nicely, so I was pleased with the way my sewing time started out.I thumbed through the book a bit, looking for another simple one to tackle and found this. Easy as pie, I just started with a solid block of blue fabric, the slashed it diagonally to add one stripe. The second was done in the same way, just being careful to match the seams from the first one so the block would be nice and straight. Just a quick trim and this one was ready for its beauty shot!

So, how hard can this one be? The colors are reversed and the strips wider, but that can't make that much difference, right? Well, I should have guestimated higher for the original square because my first block was too small. This one had to be redone. Yes, it is blue, but the photographs don't show that too well.
I'm not one who knows the meaning of quitting while I'm ahead. I really wanted to make four blocks, even though my daughter and I needed to go to the grocery store to stock up on lunch supplies for the week. I had a small square of fabric that I really liked and after a quick bit of math determined that I had enough. Too bad I didn't realize that I was cutting my strips 1/4 inch too small. Sigh. I saved them, hoping to find a block I can use them in later. Found another piece of fabric, cut the strips the correct width and finished this one in just a short time.

So, that's four blocks done this week. Haven't done the math to know how many I need to make to finish, but at least I made a good start!

What long term project are you working on? Do you have a goal set so you can complete it anytime in the foreseeable future? I always say I don't like deadlines, but realistically it's the best way to get something finished!

Happy Quilting!


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