Monday, August 08, 2011

Retro Messenger Bag by Ellen Medlock

Isn't this a fun bag? It was so much fun to work with these great fabrics - the bicycle prints are organic cotton, so soft and a wonderful texture. This is the Retro Messenger Bag. The pattern is by Ellen Medlock and is a great, easy to follow set of instructions. Every step was quite clear and the result was wonderful. (I love how the strap came out with the bicycle wheels on this side!)
I liked the way the handle attacked with the hardware - it makes the bag hang quite well.
It was fun to fussy cut the panels for the front and the back of the bag. The Rosie panel on the front is from a t-shirt. I used fusible interface on the back to stabilize it, then just used it like any piece of fabric. It worked quite well and I am excited to try some other projects using t-shirt panels - I definitely have enough to work with!

Anyway, this is a pattern I would make again, very easy and I love the results.


Unknown said...

I LOVE this bag! I have some fat quarters of the bicycle print fabric. Thank you for posting these pictures! What a wonderful bag!

Ellen said...

Oh, I love what you did with my pattern, Pamela! Super cool!!!!
Thanks for the kind comments!

-Ellen Medlock

FlourishingPalms said...

I have in mind to make a bag of my own design and haven't found strap clips, with the slide/bar opening, like those you've used. Can you suggest where I might look for them?

Pamela said...

Ellen has the hardware in her Etsy shop:

I have also seen them at my local JoAnn's Fabric.

eclecticgoat said...

This bag was an inspiration by my friend Margie-minnesota gal. Her idea and Pamela's sewing great combo.......