Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giveaway Winner - Blue and Yellow Journal Cover

(sorry if my pictures aren't the's raining....again...) I told you all there were a LOT of buttons in my jar! There are some larger ones, but there are tons of small ones. I counted them all this weekend before the giveaway, and thought that I better start using some of these!

Don't you love the buttons on the card! So cute! I think they would be nice on a needle book or something sewing related, don't you? Since they were on a card I decided to write the number of buttons on the back, because I knew I would not remember if I didn't. And sure enough, when I turned the jar out this morning to take a picture of the card for you it was a different number than I thought it was! If I had made my own guess this morning, I would have lost - isn't that hilarious?

Sooooo, with no further ado (or blabbering) the winner of my giveaway is MrunaMistry with a guess of 789! She was only 8 buttons away from the correct number - good job! She has a blog and an Etsy shop: Kalatirth and makes the most amazing fashion illustrations! Congratulations, Mruna, I have e-mailed you with details so I can send your journal to you!

I have had a blast doing this, so might have to another one soon. It was so much fun seeing all of you guess - and it was purely a guess, cause I didn't give you much of a clue. Thanks for playing along with me and I hope to see you back here for the next one!



Mruna Mistry said...

Thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

I love seeing those buttons all laid out. I knew there were hundreds in there! I love both buttons and fabric with a passion.
If you are ever driving through McMinnville, stop in at Boersma's quilt shop. They've got the best box of spare buttons to paw through. I go every summer!

pchickki said...

Congratulations to your winner.
That is alot of buttons !

Anonymous said...

That's what I was going to say but I thought it was way too much,(as if) Good picking,to the winner!! Congratulations. That was a really great idea for a giveaway, I enjoyed trying to guess-cu-late.