Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching up...

Today I spent most of my day catching up on overdue projects. I was totally lazy this weekend and didn't do any sewing at all! It was kind of nice, but I had quite a list of projects that needed finished this morning. I had a good day of working, and three projects crossed off my list. The first one was a pink dress that I was asked to make for a wedding. Not my cup of tea, but it's ready to go for hemming and I can move it out of my sewing room - always a good thing! The skirt had 8 panels with 8 gored inserts, so it was a lot of sewing to put together.
The next project was a fun one. It involved taking an old needlepoint cushion apart, stitching the front onto a new piece of fabric and making a buttoned back for it. Don't you love this beautiful peacock? So pretty, I wish I could keep it! The buttons for the back came out of my button jar - so that's two down! At this rate, I could use them all in...about 10 years!


Speaking of buttons, I finished the journal for my givaway - isn't it pretty? I got it mailed out today, so excited to see what Mruna thinks of it when it arrives! It's so much fun to send my creations out into the world, and this one is going all the way to India - very exciting!

Nothing quite like the cheerful combination of blue and yellow, I think - especially when we've had such a damp and dreary spring.

Now it's off to bed in hopes of a good nights rest and a productive day tomorrow!


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Mruna Mistry said...

It looks gorgeous! :D Your blues and yellows sure brightened up my day!