Thursday, March 17, 2011

Versailles, Finding Dinner and our First Night in Paris

Sorry to leave you all hanging about the rest of my trip, life has been a bit busy! I figure it's time to get back to a somewhat normal routine, and how better to start than to reminisce more about the trip.

We enjoyed touring several of the rest of the buildings on the Versailles estate - unfortunately jet lag must have caught up to me because I have no pictures of the Domaine, the Petite Trianon or the Hamlet. They were all lovely, and we walked for quite some distance before we discovered the Petite Train (your run of the mill tourist tram!). For just a few coins we were shuttled from place to place for the rest of the afternoon. We were just slowly going through the sights not even thinking of time, when suddenly we realized that the last train of the afternoon was being announced! We hopped on, and fortunately were treated to a wonderful tour of the backside of the Palace, and were able to see the huge gardens and countryside before we were dropped at the gates.

By this time we were quite hungry and anticipating finding a restaurant for dinner. We found an area that looked promising, but found nothing open, then decided to head back toward the train station as I had developed a very sore leg and was starting to limp. We found another small chain type restaurant (my daughter refused to visit the very convenient McDonalds right outside the train station!) and ate some premade quiches for our dinner. Mine had a very strong goat cheese on it, not really my favorite, but nourishing. After refueling we made our way back to the train and found seats for the ride home.

We were both exhausted, having been up for too many hours without much sleep and were ready for our cozy room and bed. I had a very painful cramp in my thigh and was having trouble walking, so was thankful that our hotel was a straight shot from the train station. Our plan for monday was pretty low-key, just shopping at the flea market and celebrating my birthday with a dinner at the George V Restaurant on the Champs Elysees, so I was hoping that my leg wouldn't be a problem. I already had several blisters on my feet and was resigned to wearing my daughters running shoes as comfort was definitely going to rule over style!

We happily fell into our cozy bed and fell into a long and much needed sleep - Monday would be my 50th birthday, and I was going to celebrate it by living out a life long dream. But for tonight, I was simply worn out, having walked 14 miles through airports, trains and palaces, all while being drenched in rain. Quite the first day in Paris, and well worth it.

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