Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get ready to do some machine quilting!

Perhaps if I were a bit neater in my sewing room it wouldn't be such a production (and sometimes it really isn't, honestly) but for today, this is what I need to do before I can even take one stitch - clear some space on the sewing table:

  • Take rulers back to cutting table

  • Put papers with phone numbers in organizer to be filed later

  • Put away misc. spools of thread from the weeks sewing

  • Throw away blue jean scraps from mending job

  • Put patterns for quilt shop where I will see them when I go out

  • Put package of cording in drawer with other supplies

  • Put away small and large rotary cuts (mental note, find hooks or nails to hang these with)

  • Take daughters headband to bathroom to put away (ignore laundry, finish that later)

  • Sort paperwork for future project, put with fabric on tray to keep together

  • Move table runner projects to cutting table to work with later (I hope!)

  • Found - 1 coffee punchcard, put in wallet (ignore piles of paperwork on desk - later)

  • Diaper coupons - put near purse and make a note to take to church on Sunday!

  • Joann's flier, need to look and see what I need on sale this weekend!

  • Put away new fat quarters purchased on Wednesday

  • Put stack of potholder supplies on cutting board

  • Put pens in drawer at desk and pins in drawer on shelf!

  • Move stack of misc magazines, notebooks, and calendars

  • Put scraps on pile to be processed for scrap quilts

  • Dust off table

Now it's all clean and ready for a weekend of quilting (ignore organizer full of paperwork to be filed, I'll work on that tonight!). But first I need to clean out my machine, oil it, and wind some bobbins - then I'll be ready for some fun!


OliveStreetStudio said...

I love this list and prep!! I need to get myself a quilting machine.

FabricFascination said...

Pam this is SO what my sewing table looks like most of the time. I got a kick out of reading your list.

rooee said...

Pam I am tired after all that prep! LOL