Monday, January 17, 2011

A Productive Weekend

Three day weekends are really nice! One of the best things is not having to get up early - just knowing that I can get up and start the day at a slower pace is so great. I really love it! I set myself to get busy and get some straightening up done in the sewing room. I have way too many piles of projects ou in various stages and I really need to get some of them cleared up - the above picture is a before shot. I took an after, but it really didn't look that much different, so I decided one picture would be plenty - it might take a few more weekends to make much of a dent in all that clutter! And isnt it interesting how much better it looks in black and white?
One of the projects I got a good amount done on was my sample for the February class I am teaching. The pattern is Crosswalk in Paris by the Cozy Quilt Company. Love it! Very simple and fun to see come together. This class will be a pure pleasure to teach, so I hope I have a full house to teach it to! I still need to add a border, so now I have to get to the quilt shop to choose one. I was thinking I might get it quilted this week, but I'm not sure if I want to make that a top priority or not this week.

I also put together a table runner I am working on as a personal challenge to myself - it's now ready to quilt after I get it basted, I even have the backing ready to go. I put away a lot of random project parts, did a little bit of mending and put together and quilted a lap quilt (promise to show you more of that in a couple days). Today I did some fusing and blanket stitching on a customer quilt, so only three more blocks to go on that one. Hopefully the rest of my week will be as productive as the last three days have been!
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FabricFascination said...

You Have had a productive week Pamela!

I like the B&W shot of your sewing room. And the quilt is looking great.

pchickki said...

Sewing room is spiffy and that quilt is to die for !!
Hope to see you Thursday Pamela