Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We had a bit of an early Christmas this year - we traveled up to Portland and spent an evening with all 5 of the girls together, just having a fun time. It was lovely! I took lots of (bad) pictures, but got a few cute ones. This is my girls, all in age order from youngest to oldest. Aren't they pretty? Sassy, too, right?

We had planned on spending the evening at the zoo, but as it was cold and rainy decided not to do that and had a wonderful time just hanging out, laughing at the grandsons, and eating goodies. It could not have been any better! Now we are back home with our girl from Boston, just taking it easy and enjoying a few days of holiday fun. I made fudge last night and it is way too good to resist. I guess that's why the diet always starts after the New Year comes!

Today, we plan on tackling the annual baby quilt marathon. We have three to make, but we have several days to work on them. Today I have assigned the quilter in training to press all her fabric while I go to work and finish the newsletter. Then we will do the cutting and start sewing this afternoon. Should be fun - at leat for me. I think it's a little stressful for her - but she gets better every year!

Merry Christmas to all!

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sewfunquilts said...

That's wonderful to have all your girls together in one place and you got a great picture.


pchickki said...

How fun! 5 girls all together! I am jealous, I miss my kids !
Merry Christmas to you too Pamela

Wendy said...

I came to your blog through Holly Jolly Bingo and really liked this post. My 3 boys all left the nest this year, two of them to in Portland. Unfortunately, we cannot all be together this year but I'm thinking next's a plan! Your girls look happy and I'm sure you had a wonderful time with them. Hope you have a great holiday...and happy quilting in the new year!