Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bargello Quilt, Second Thoughts

Well, maybe I was being a little too mean about the table runner last night. Or maybe it's the walking foot's way of catching on the batting and making it hard to get the whole thing out from underneath the foot every time. Or just maybe I'm in a little better mood today, and am almost done with the project so it's more fun? Who knows. But I finished up the last dozen strips and it went so much easier today!
I just used my regular foot today because I forgot that I had taken the walking foot off to hem some drapes last night. But it sewed just as well, and was much easier to use with the exposed batting. I didn't notice any distortion, but did have to watch the seam allowances, which wanted to flip. But it was still much easier!
So after I finished up the strips I trimmed the edges and put the binding on. And it looked terrific! Now if this way my design, I probably just would have left it as is. I'm a Less is More kind of gal and don't always like to add a lot of embellishment and extras to my projects. But the pattern called for some decoration.
But instead of the ones in the pattern, I chose to add some fairies cut out of the fabric I used for the backing. They look so cute on the runner! So now, I just have to edgestitch the cut-outs and just maybe look through my stash of pretties to find some beads, crystals or other fancy stuff to add to the cuteness. I guess even "plain Jane" likes to go a little over the top from time to time!
Happy Quilting


DownHome Designs said...

Pam, it looks wonderful! The fairies are the perfect touch. Love it!

pchickki said...

This is so wonderful
Your work is amazing!

Stephanie A said...

The fairies are perfect! Gorgeous table runner, thanks for showing it.