Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Beautiful Day

After all my ramblings yesterday about lovely late summer days, we had one of the best ones ever today. A wonderful warm, windless day and a beautiful clear crisp night. One of those days that you just want to go on endlessly. So nice!

Tonight was my first guild meeting as DPP (Distinguished Past President) and it was fabulous! Not only did I arrive at the meeting without a ton of baggage, but I also snuck out early so I could relax at home with my family. I am glad I did my service to the guild, but I am so excited to be able to enjoy meetings again without any stress!

One of the highlights of my meeting was being presented with my special presidents quilt. Well, at least I got to see it, it's not quite finished, but that's quite all right, it's too hot for a quilt right now anyway. It's a pretty scrappy star quilt and has signatures in the border. I will be excited to have it finished and to be able to enjoy it as a lap quilt this winter. Isn't it funny that as a quilter we can make any quilt we want, but it's really special to get one that we don't have to make ourselves?

I did some hand quilting this afternoon on my little scrappy star miniature quilt. I've entered it in the quilt show in 2 weeks, so I need to get it finished! I got three of the 12 stars quilted, so I am off to a good start. I also have a queen size quilt to machine quilt, so I hope to get that basted this weekend. I'm glad I was sensible and didn't commit to finishing 12 quilts for the show this year. Anyway, I enjoyed the hand quilting - I forget how pleasant and almost meditative hand quilting is. Once I get myself settled I find it to be quite relaxing - I really need to continue with hand projects because they are so enjoyable, and it's good to keep up my skills.

Tomorrow is more work at the Quilt Shop, registering the girl for school, and possibly a foot-ball game. And hopefully another lovely September day!

Bon Soir!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I love September

Every since I can remember, I have loved September. Even though it did mean going back to school as a child, I still loved it. I loved the way the sun shines at a different angle, the cool nights and warm days, just the feeling of the air is different. The sky seems somehow more blue, and there is a peacefulness that seems to settle over me, knowing that another fall is about to begin.

I loved the new clothes for school, not to mention notebooks, pencils, erasers, and best of all - a brand new box of color crayons! MMMM - the smell of them still makes me smile! Seeing all your old friends, and making some new ones. Just the sense of a new beginning that the school year brought was always something I enjoyed.

As a mom, I enjoyed the start of a new school year because every year it meant a little more time for me, and for quilting! Now I only have one child in school, and it means that I'm usually a little more busy than in summer, but it's also the start of my quilt guild year, which is fun. This year I am looking forward to Quilt Guild because now I am a DPP (Distinguished Past President)! Which means I get to sit with my friends and enjoy the meeting, not stand up in front and run the meeting - WOOHOO!

We also have our annual Quilt Show in September, which I am looking forward to. I am on the publicity committee, so I am busy putting out posters and sending out Press Releases. I have one more quilt to finish, so will have to get busy on that this week, maybe I will actually baste it tomorrow. Anyway, I'm getting back into the groove a little at a time. Maybe that's something I learned from my vacation in Paris. To take time with a cup of coffee and savor the moment - to enjoy the day and savor every day for what it is.

Bon Soir!