Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bon Jour!

I have just returned from my dream vacation - a week in Paris, France! I have wanted to visit Paris since taking my first French class back in Junior High School, and it was all I ever dreamed it would be. My oldest daughter and I had such a fabulous (not to mention exhausting) time walking the streets, museums and cathedrals of this beautiful place. How do you say We Came, We Ate, We walked our feet off in latin?

Between leasurely meals in cafes, and lots of metro rides we saw some of the great historic sights of the city of lights. We saw L'Arc de Triomphe by day and by twilight, watched the graceful Eiffel Tower explode in twinkling lights, climbed the towers of graceful cathedrals and admired some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen. We admired Winged Victory, Mona Lisa and Monet's Water Lilies.

We admired the lovely bridges from above and below, and photographed Notre Dame from every angle known to man. We cruised the Seine by twilight, and enjoyed the sights of Paris at night as well as by day.

We walked 75 miles in one week, racked up who knows how many miles in the metro as well as thousands of miles flying. Our feet and backs and legs got sore and tired, but we couldn't stop - there was still so much to see and do and experience! We slept like rocks at night and got up to do it all again the next day.

We experienced the frustrations of long lines and crowded museums. We got pleasantly lost, then found our way again. The french people were so pleasant, and we had fun meeting fellow tourists that spoke our language. The weather was cool and wet, then cloudy, then sunny and hot! We ate crepes, drank coffee, but never did find an eclair - so sad! But we did find the quilt shop :)

On our way to the airport we felt like we were running the Amazing Race. We got on the wrong Metro, were short of money for tickets and the credit card wouldn't work, and one of our suitcase handles broke! Then we ended up in the wrong terminal and were seriously afraid that we were not going to make our flight - but we did! We discovered that Air Canada is fabulous - best flight ever! Once home I rediscovered sleep, and couldn't get enough of it for several days.

Now that Jet Lag is abating, I am ready to return to my studio and capture some of these great memories in fabric - but where to start? One step at a time I suppose - what a great trip, I will always remember it, and I'm sure it will be part of my work for quite some time.

Au Revoir, for today!

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