Thursday, July 01, 2010

Project Quilting - Challenge Four

The fourth weekly challenge for Project Quilting was a fun one for me - the challenge was to make a quilt less than 36 inches square using log cabin blocks - one fabric had to be used right side up and back side up. I was extra careful to pay attention to that one detail, because I have a little problem with details sometimes! Check out the link to see all the entries, and make sure you vote!
During the process of thinking about what I wanted to do, I ended up spotting a really awesome selvage log cabin on the Selvage Blog. Since I seem to be in the midst of a selvage fascination I decided to use this as a starting point. I really didn't want to make another wall hanging, so decided to make a small tote/purse. I used some 6 inch squares of muslin for foundations, and got out my shoe box of small scraps (which is starting to overflow!). I chose four different fabrics for the centers, and cut two 2 inch squares of each. I originally intended to use the back side of the pink, but forgot to turn it over, so ended up using the purple square wrong side up! Oh well, at least I didn't have to remake a block in the end!

I used my selvages for the light halves of the blocks and chose a variety of colors from my scraps for the dark sides of the blocks. After completing all 8 blocks I sewed them together to form the body of my bag. I then backed it with Warm and Natural batting. I then used a bright variegated thread to quilt the piece in a swirling design. Unfortunately it was not easy due to the thickness of the foundation with the tight weave of the selvages, but I got through it and it looked lovely when done.
I then made a lining and handles out of blue, adding patch pockets in a pretty blue and purple fabric. I sewed it all together and ended up with a beautiful quilted purse. For sale, but definitely one of a kind as it was a bit too labor intensive for making on a regular basis, so someone will be getting a nice original bag!

Happy Stitching!

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