Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am tired!

I can honestly say for once that I am tired of sewing. I've spent the day working on prom dresses (finished three and one more to be done), then working on burgundy satin flower girl dresses, finishing up with hemming a pair of pants and making a cover for a keyboard. I can honestly say I have had enough and am looking forward to going to work at the quilt shop tomorrow where I won't have to do any sewing! At least I hope not, I have been known to be assigned the task of binding quilts during my work there!

I had a lovely walk this morning - it started out foggy, then the fog lifted and there was beautiful blue sky. Funny thing, though, it clouded up after I got home and the day was mostly cloudy after that. I guess things don't always go like you expect them to! Even the weather. It seems no matter how I plan my day the unexpected tends to take over and things don't quite work out the way I plan. Well, inch by inch I do make progress, so I keep putting one foot in front of the other - eventually the "have to"s will all be done and the "want to"s can begin!

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