Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

You know I have tried to be a really good girl this year - I've been on time to work most days and have been pretty nice to my family. (Well, don't ask the teen-ager, she's a little crazy right now and doesn't think anyone is nice!) I've finished quite a few quilts this year for other people, but nothing special for me. I've really had my eye on this one:

Madeline kit by Fig Tree Quilts

I think it would look so cute on the door to my sewing room. I just love everything about it, from the cute design, to the lovely fabrics, and it says handmade on it! (Which you know I love!) I promise if you give me this I will make it right away and enjoy it all year long (no UFO pile for this one, pinky swear!).

And, Santa, if you could give the great folks at the FatQuarter Shop a little extra treat in their stockings, I sure have enjoyed getting to know their shop and all the wonderful things for quilters they have. They sure work hard and they deserve it!



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