Friday, October 23, 2009

Progress - I Think

I feel like I got of lot of sewing done today, but I didn't actually finish anything. I did enjoy myself, though, so I am feeling good about what I've accomplished! What did I accomplish?

I picked up border fabric yesterday for the table runner sample I am making for the Strip Class I am teaching in December. I decided to add a narrow piping to the inside of the border and it looks absolutely fabulous. Not to mention that I discovered that in the large bag of feet I bought for my sewing machine is a piping foot that works like a dream for this! It even produces a perfect 1/4" seam so I have a feeling I will be adding piping to projects on a regular basis now. This was enough to make it a good day all by itself!

Then I went to JoAnns to look for some fabric for a border on the baby quilt I put together out of scrap blocks. I found just what I was looking for in the red tag clearance section at 50% off the clearance price - $1.50 a yard! Woohoo! I bought enough for the back, too. Then I bought an assortment of other great fabrics for other future projects. (Should I mention that I also bought fabric online today? I found some cute fabrics for a custom project I am working on and ordered some fabric for a prototype I am working on for a local group.) I came out with around 10 yards of fabric for $22.50! (And did about as well with my online purchases!)

I added the border to the baby quilt, so it is ready to be basted - it will be very cute. I also finished adding the borders to my jelly roll quilt, so it needs a back and will be ready to quilt also. I finished trimming up the tumbler quilt for the shop, and did some quilting on the Kilamanjaro quilt so I can list it in my Etsy shop. It feels good to be productive! Hopefully the weekend will go as well - these rainy days make good quilting days! I just need to not do any shopping now for the rest of the month!

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