Friday, September 19, 2008

Setting up the Quilt Show

Today was the day to set up for Coos Sand 'N Sea Show - A Sea of Quilts. Our show takes place at the Boys and Girls Club. They have a nice large gym there that is great for the show, and we are able to store our stands there also. Instead of actually posting all the pictures here, I'll just put a couple. You can see the rest on my Flickr page.
The day starts with bringing up all the stands, sheets, clips, and other supplies from the basement storage area. Unfortunately, it's a pretty dusty and dirty storage, so things need to be wiped down and cleaned. The sheets need to be pressed, and the stands arranged in a grid. Everything needs to be exactly in the right place to be sturdy, so it takes a bit of time and care to be sure that it's just right. Then the uprights go in the stands, and the crossbeams attach to them.

We hang sheets to back the quilts, then the quilts go up! There are some beautiful quilts this year! Tomorrow there will be public voting, then on Sunday the ribbons will go up! I'm excited to see who wins - I didn't enter anything this year, so at least I don't have to be wondering if it's me!

There's also a great vendors area, so I'll take some pictures of that tomorrow, too. It's all part of the big Fun Festival that the town puts on every year. Fun for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I know what hard work, but how rewarding that is. I hope you had an awesome show!