Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top Left Corner

I had a nice thursday - did some cleaning up in the morning, then had the girls over for quilting. I decided that since I am about 1/4 of the way done with my Jane project that it was time to do one of the corners. When I looked over them I realized that the top left corner is the same pattern as one of the blocks I did last week, I decided that it was meant to be!

The story of last week's block is that I had been avoiding doing this particular block because I was intimidated by it. So I finally "manned up" so to speak and decided to do it. I sewed it on my machine, and it came out great - as as I noted in the book, this was not as hard as it looks! So, on to more of the same, the dimesions of the pieces are the same on both blocks, so it was just a matter of more blocks. A lot of 1/2 inch seams, but quite doable and it's another great block (sorry for the blurry pic). I haven't trimmed it yet, I'm waiting until I get them all done since I don't have a ruler for this one.

I also started a miniature to enter in the fair next week. I need to take a look through my fair book and see what else I've finished over the last year that I can enter. If it's not done now, it's not going to be going, the miniature I can finish, but I'm not working on anything else! I wish every day could be as fun and relaxed as today was, but for now I will just enjoy those days as they come, and work hard on the days I have to work!

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