Monday, January 21, 2008

WITW-Week 2, a sense of proportion

Still a little late, but I'm catching up! This was an interesting week, looking at all of the things I could do/would like to do/am interestin in makes me feel a little overwhelmed. I have really enjoyed concentrating on my quilting and becoming an expert in that, and it feels quite comfortable. To get out and try to do some new things is a little intimidating, but also freeing at the same time.

1. Morning pages - I have had no problems doing these, and am still enjoying them a lot. I even did them first thing the morning I had to get up before 6 to take my daughter early for a field trip. I tend to vent/worry mostly, sometimes just ramble about the day before, and what I want to get done today. I see that I often want to more than is possible in a day and see that maybe it would be all right to lower my expectations a bit and not push so hard all the time. Some time management would probably help also!

2. Artist Date - I did do it but I didn't really enjoy it so much. I went thrift shopping, but there were people everywhere and I had a bit of a headache. I really wasn't having fun, so I went home and putzed around with some sewing. I did have a great time the day before at the fabric store looking through the decorator fabrics for some stuff for a job I'm working on. I really think that was more of an Artist Date than what I planned!

3. I did one walk this week, and that wasn't exceptionally great either. I was upset about a situation and thought about that the entire time. I did have it pretty much worked out in my head when I got home and took action on the situation, but was not happy about how it affected the enjoyment of the time outside. It was such a lovely day and I really wanted to enjoy it and savor it more.

4. Issues, who me have issues? My biggest issue is worrying what other people will think about me doing something different, or changing. I need to not worry about such things so much!

The best thing I did this week was a started working on my dear Jane quilt again. I haven't touched it in over a year, and had a great time the last few evenings working on a block. I decided that before I can get on the computer I need to make a block. That way I get something productive done and don't feel guilty about wasting my time - plus I've enjoyed the challenge! I'm working out how to get the blocks scanned and up on my blog, so maybe I'll work on that some more tomorrow.


Marianne said...

I've been catching up with both your check ins and enjoyed the way your described your feelings at the things you were doing. Did you have a plan when you went to the thrift shop? I go to one every tuesday night(only opening night with 1 saturday in the month). I like to browse the fabrics and buy bright cotton scraps for my charity quilts and some times shiny and shimmering stuff that I might use one day in quilts. It is rum by elderly people from a church and they choice all the charities where the money goes. Yesterday I picked up a book called "poets at the piano about well known writers, playwrites, filmdirectors". I think it will be inspiring to read about their creative proces. Looking forward to see your DJ progress!

Debbie Z. Lattuga said...

Not that I'm glad you struggled this week, but at least I'm not alone. I think this week brought up 'stuff' that tripped up a lot of us. I think the key is to struggle, but keep on keepin' on. Good work touching an old UFO. I know how good that can feel. I think the answer to 'struggle' is 'create'.