Friday, November 30, 2007

Soup for 50?!

As most people know, I am a lot more comfortable in my sewing studio that I am in the kitchen. So how in the world did I get roped into making soup for 50 ladies at our Winter Wonderland Brunch? I suppose it all started at Bunco a couple of years ago. I made a Pistou Vegetable soup from a recipe on the internet and it was a huge hit with my friend Brenda. Everytime the subject of what to make for something comes up she mentions this soup! We are both on the Women's Ministry Board and in the planning for the December event it is decided to make soups. So I volunteered to make this soup (and Brenda is making chicken corn chowder). We have to feed 100 so we are both making soup for 50 at the church this afternoon. I spent all evening yesterday cooking the beans, chopping the vegetables, and thinking "I sure hope this soup comes out all right!" Of course if it doesn't, I will never be asked to do it again! The other thing I hope is that we don't have so much soup left over that I have to eat it all next week - too much of a good thing you know!

I am officially caught up on my sewing for hire. The only project left is a wedding gown to hem and I will be getting that finished this weekend. (after the brunch!). I even finished the latest quilt I was working on. An absolutely wonderful pastel quilt with scalloped edges. It is really a beauty. I forgot how long it takes to hand sew a binding, I have done all of my binding strictly by machine lately. It does make a very nice finish though to do them by hand. The scallops weren't too bad to do. I think the hardest part was figuring out how large to make them. Once I had that figured (kind of a lowest common denominator type of figuring - good thing I remember a bit of algebra!) all I had to do was find a curve that fit the measurement. A dinner plate fit the bill quite nicely.

I have some pot holders to finish up, then I'll pull another quilt top out and get busy. I'm glad that I have got backs for the next couple, then I think I'll have to dig a little deeper in the UFO pile and finish up a top that needs a couple more borders. I'll need to buy some fabric for this one, but that's always fun!

Here's another quilt I finished recently. I call it Northern Lights and it is for sale in my Esty shop. I had a lot of fun trying out a new quilting design on this, and was very happy with the results. I think for Christmas I am going to make my friends a little design book of quilting designs. Two of them got a new Bernina machine with a stitch regulator and one just bought a Juki like mine to quilt on! I think they would enjoy it, especially if I do a binder that they can add their own designs to. See how one thing just leads into another! This is how we are in this house - start talking about one thing and end up in a whole other topic.

Got to get ready to cook soup - wish me luck!

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