Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Messy Studio

I suppose if clutter is an indicator of a creative mind, I must be off of the charts for creativity! In my case I think the mess just indicates that I would rather sew than clean. I have been rather busy lately, but I think the mess has gotten very much out of hand. Maybe that is what I need to work on this afternoon, and I can show the after pictures tomorrow!

The first picture is my sewing area. I have a dining table with a sewing desk backed up to it. In theory this gives me a better area for machine quilting large quilts. In actuality it gives me a larger surface to leave more stuff on. I see several current projects in various stages of completion, a decorative doll given to me years ago, some paperwork that needs to be filed, a neat purse handle I bought intending to make a new purse out of and various sewing notions and assorted junk!
This is my cutting table. As you can see if I really want to do any cutting I have to move stuff around. I generally just make barely enough room for what I need to do and leave the mess. Lets see, on this table I see the tote I use to store my Etsy paperwork, a clear plastic organizer with some of my supplies for the quilt block of the month I am helping teach, the loose supplies for the class, there is a rotary ruler on there somewhere, but I do hang up the cutter so I won't lose it. (That's a good thing!)
This is the bed that is still in my studio. It doesn't ever get slept in, but it is a great place to pile more stuff! On the bed there is a quilt that is too big to baste on my table, so I have to take it to a friends house to lay out. There is fabric to make curtains out of. There is a quilt that is ready to quilt, a stack of t-shirts that will become a quilt, a pair of jeans that I repaired a zipper in. There are a half dozen pillows waiting for beautiful covers on them so they can make this bed into a couch. Under the sheet that you can't see under all the stuff there are most of my personal quilts, all being stored nice and flat so that they won't get creased! There is also a nice chest that is full of stuff, and the top of it is full of stuff also - almost empty thread spools, a sewing basket (with nothing in it!) and various odds and ends.
This is my storage/ironing area. Behind the curtain is a closet full of finished quilts for sale, bags, supplies, shipping supplies, and a couple of projects that need to be worked on when I have some spare time! (yeah, right!) On the floor are 4 rolls of fabric that are going to become curtains and valances in the next couple of weeks. You can see all the fabric, patterns and books in the closet with the open bi-fold doors! You can see a shirt I need to mend hanging on the bedpost. On the floor are papers that fell there the other day and I haven't picked them up yet. Notice the primitive wall-hanging that is wonderfully skewed. Seriously, I don't know how in the world I accomplish anything in this mess!

My goal is to work on cleaning this up tonight, and tomorrow tune in for the up-date! It should look a lot better, and maybe I'll be able to get something done this weekend!

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