Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Entry for 2006

Another year has gone by and I am anticipating the New Year - I hope that it's a great one for all my friends and family! I've been busily working in my sewing room this week, trying to finish up some old projects and thinking about next years goals.

One of my focus areas for next year is working on my writing. (Yes, this does include working on my blog more!) I would like to publish a pattern this year, so I will be working on that. I also want to do more original work, I will probably have to cut back on the shop samples to accomplish that.

Another thing I will be working on is organizing my sewing studio so that it's more efficient. I am trying to figure out how to accomodate all the storage I need balanced with work space, and how to make it all pleasing to the eye. Not an easy task! I am really liking that quite a few of the things I am using are movable, so that makes my work space more flexible. The folding cutting table is really handy, I must say. I most often use it with only one of the leaves up, but it's truly awesome for basting when I put both up. Though it 's a tight fit, I can roll it around and reach all around it when I'm pinning!

I also want to work on my photography skills (which are pretty basic right now!) And if I can't do it, I want to find some resources that can! Not only that, but to find a place to take pictures of the larger quilts. My house is just not the right place for really good pictures. It's just too dark in here.

All in all thought, 2006 was a great year, and I did accomplish a lot that I set out to do. I tried some new things, got accepted into a juried show, and made some new friends. I've been more active in my quilt guild, finished a ton of UFO's (of course, I've also accumulated quilte a few of them, also!), and have moved forward on my machine quilting skills.

My family is all healthy and happy (at least most of the time!) and I have a lot to be thankful for. Here's to a wonderful 2007 - God bless you all this year!

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