Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good day for quilting (kind of!)

Had a good day in my studio yesterday, did some cleaning up and organizing (much needed!). I made a quilted tote bag that came out really cute: I'm calling this design a Judy Tote to honor a friend of mine who passed away due to breast cancer this summer. I was thinking of her as I designed it, and used fabric from the heaven can wait line.

Got a box mailed to my Mother in law - her 70th birthday is Sunday and one of the brothers is organizing a big surprise birthday party for her on Saturday. We can't go, so I sent some framed 5 x 7's of us and the kids, and some inspirational books for her to read. I hope she has a really good day! I'm glad that we have one good organizer in the family, he does a really good job of making all of the holidays good for the family, and especially for mom.

Have to work today, but plan to finish preparing my quilts for the show tonight, maybe I'll have time to make another tote bag - I've got some super cute fabric picked out for my next one!

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