Monday, July 17, 2006

Finished project!

I've been on a quilting spree lately, and have finished the #2 of the Pick 4 Challenge early! I am very, very happy with the way it came out. It is very heavily quilted. I did a McTavishing technique in the strip sections and borders, then echo quilted in the butterfly fabrics. I washed it before binding it and it made a huge difference in the feel and look of the quilt. By washing it, I reduced the appearance of irregularity in my echo quilting, and it took the stiffness out of the machine quilting. I am soo excited to get this done, and am thinking of entering it in a couple of shows this year!

My main obstacle is getting good pictures, but I have a friend that owes me a big favor, so I think I may have to call that in.

Will add more close up pictures later, the first ones I shot didn't come out very well.

The next project I am doing is hand quilting the paper pieced lighthouse miniature. It's not easy, but I really want to enter it in the hand quilted category as the machine quilted category is so full that nothing really gets noticed.

It doesn't really need a lot of quilting, thank goodness - the piecing is really more of the beautry of this quilt and a lot of quilting would really detract from that.

Here's looking forward to another week of productive quilting!


Debra Dixon said...

Beautiful! I love the deep jewel tones on your quilt. A real bit of eye candy.

Granny Fran said...

Absolutely scrumptious! You should enter it in some shows.

laura west kong said...

It's wonderful! I just love the colors!