Friday, February 03, 2006

Back to Dear Jane

I had intended to spend the afternoon yesterday at Cheryl's basting a couple of quilts, but at the last minute decided to get out the old Dear Jane project (which I have not even touched in a year) . For those of you who are wondering "what in the world is Dear Jane", Dear Jane is a book featuring drawings from a civil war era quilt. Said quilt is made up of 4.5" quilt blocks. 13 rows of 4.5" quilt blocks with 13 blocks each. Definitely a life-time project for those of us who get distracted easily. When I purchased the book, I had a fantasy of completing the quilt in one year. After a dozen or so blocks, that fantasy was over! I actually have all of row 1 done, most of row 2, and some of the easier blocks from the middle done. Anyway, to get back on track, I completed 3 blocks yesterday and started a third. It was fun! So, I am back to working on it, which was one of my New Year's Resolutions anyway. My quilt will be all blue and white. I'm sure it will be stunning whenever I get it finished!

I did come home and baste the two quilts I want to finish this weekend, so it was a very productive day, and I am looking forward to machine quilting this weekend. I am hoping february will be not as busy as January was! I would like more time to play and less time doing things that I have to do. Enough said, I am off to do the "have to" for the day, and the play will come later!

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