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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sun Break!

Oh yes, we have a window of sun this morning! Too much rain makes me grumpy so a bit of blue sky and sun is definitely a cause for rejoicing here.

I got so much done yesterday - finished quilting the rest of the dolls and houses, the last two borders and pinned the circles on - I think there were 42 of them. I even got about half of them sewn down with buttons!  I will need to clip all the edges, but decided that would be easier to do all at once.  I think I'll be adding a bit more stitching, some of the houses will get paths and some of the circles will get tree trunks.

I even cleaned up my sewing room a bit, cleaned off the bar in the kitchen and put up my Easter tree (which delighted a certain 12th grade girl).

Today I need to take the valentine quilt down and replace it with the Irish Chain, a bit late but I do like to give all the seasonal quilts a turn.  The bunny quilt will go up right away because my sister is going to come for a visit with her daughter and grandson!  What fun that will be, I'm sure we'll have a grand time and maybe even sneak in some quilting?  I guess we'll have to see, at least we can talk about it if nothing else.  It feels lovely to be getting some things done, both as far as finishing projects, and in getting my house in shape.  It's been a long winter, and I'm looking forward to spring! 
Hope my pictures look all right - just took them right off my iphone - pretty handy to run off a quick blog post.  



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Decor from the Quiltsy Team

Fall is my favorite season, and I always enjoy getting out my seasonal decorations. I have several quilts that I look forward to displaying and using during these months. I now live on the Oregon coast, where the autumn is not quite as colorful, and they bring the colors of fall into my house bringing back fond memories of the fall season where I grew up. Quilts help me mark the change of season, and nothing is more warming than a cozy lap quilt on a rainy fall evening!

In my home we enjoy fall quilts as wall hangings, table toppers, and potholders. They are made in warm shades of brown, orange, and gold with accents of green and purple. I have a small quilt that hangs on the door of the coat closet, and it is a delightful small thing that makes me smile every time I walk by. For me, nothing says fall like a lovely quilt!

These two collages show some of the fine quilted items made in fall colors that you will find on Etsy. Any of these would bring a warm, homey feeling to your fall home decor.
For more items by our team, search Quiltsy Team on Etsy - you're sure to find many lovely items that would look great in your home!