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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday WIPS - Strip piecing!

I've been doing a lot of cutting and sewing, working on a custom order quilt inspired by my Northern Lights quilt.

  It's fun working like this, I'm pretty much just winging it and seeing how it develops as I go.  Pretty exciting!  I've got a bit to go as this will eventually be a king size quilt, but I've got all my strip sets sewn, so technically it is halfway finished - just have to do all the vertical sections :)  Well, truthfully, it's halfway done if you don't count adding borders, quilting and binding!  It's going to be gorgeous, though.  I found the perfect border fabric and backing, too (love

I've been nursing a bad back the last few days, thanks to missing the bottom step while carrying a tote full of quilts down stairs.  I landed hard on my knees and gave my back a big jolt, so it hasn't been happy with me. Unfortunately I've been too uncomfortable to quilt, but I think I should be back on my game by the weekend.

Before my tumble I did take a bunch of quilts outside to take new pictures.  I was happy - had some nice early morning light and no wind!  When I brought them in I realized that my Christmas stars quilt had a spot on the back from it's time as a shop sample.  I decided the quilt needed to be washed so I used some soap and water to work on the spot, then set the quilt  by the washer to wait for the load in it to be done.  When I checked back I saw that there were red spots on the back of my quilt!  I realized that the red batik on the other side was bleeding through where it got wet from my spot cleaning - yikes!  I grabbed a color catcher sheet and threw the quilt in the washing machine, crossing my fingers very anxiously.  When the rinse cycle was finished I was delighted to see a very deep pink color catcher sheet and a perfectly unmarked quilt!  Woohoo!  After drying it I was so pleased with the crinkly texture of the quilt - I just love a washed quilt.  Beautiful!

And tonight I found the perfect pattern for a special quilt that is 3 years overdue - so even though I haven't done a lot of quilting this week, I've made a lot of progress with other quilt related chores.  I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine and sew a lot of stitches!

Linking up to the Quiltsy Team blog - come by and see what some other quilters have been up to this week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year (what else?)

One last post for the year 2008. It's been an interesting year, ups and downs, triumphs and frustrations, but I can't complain! Christmas was lovely, despite a nasty cold. I enjoyed having my girls home, and sharing my grandson's first Christmas. And as a bonus found out that next Christmas there'll be another grandbaby to enjoy! One of the best presents of all!

Quilted a lot this year, but nothing spectacular. Oh, but the ideas are running through my head for the next fabulous quilt! Nothing concrete yet, but the inspirations are coming together, and the designing is under way. Fabric and stitching be happening soon, I think!

I spent the last couple of days finishing up a UFO project. A set of blocks from a Swap I did with my fellow Quiltsy Members (Quilting street team on Etsy). The colors were blue and green and they were a lovely set of blocks, but I could not figure out how in the world to set them together. Nothing seemed to work in blue or green and it just muddied up the blocks and they didn't stand out. Then I was inspired to try an alternate color. I didn't have a good orange, but found the nicest yellow that was perfect to set them off! Now each block sparkles like the jewel it is!

One of the nice thing about working with these blocks is the fact that each of them was exactly the right size and square! How often does that happen in a swap? I tell you, the Quiltsy team is one talented set of quilters, and any quilt you would buy from them would would be well worth your money!

I even have the back ready. I pieced it (yeah, me!) using the one leftover block which was a duplicate of my own, and the leftover fabric that I purchased to make my blocks with. I even have plenty for binding! All I have to do is rustle up a square of batting to fit and I'm ready to quilt. That would be a good project for tomorrow. Well, Happy New Year to you all! Stay safe and have a wonderful evening, and I'll be back next year (I know, I'm just corny that way!)