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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Window Box Quilt - To the Moon and Back

I'm glad to report that my wisdom tooth extraction went well and I am having an easy recovery so far with very little pain.  I'm trying to be good and rest, but I really want to get busy in my sewing room!  I did sneak in there for a while today to package up an order and was really excited to find the missing pieces from my Savannah quilt!  Now I can finish up the blocks and piece the top, finally.  I was so frustrated at not being able to find the pieces - I knew they had to be somewhere, but had no clue where.  Turns out they had stuck on the bottom of a box of 2 inch squares I had set aside.  

Since I don't have anything exciting to share, I can catch up on one of my finished from January that I haven't shared yet.  This is a new sample from my Window Box Pattern that I made for Threads That Bind.  The fabric is Lewis and Irene, LTD - To the Moon and Back.  My favorite is the little rocket ships on the navy!

The prints that look like polka dots are planets.

I made a scrappy back for this one from my stash and quilted it with a simple meander.  It will be a nice cuddle quilt for a little boy!
It's always fun to see how different a pattern can look when you change the fabrics up.  I liked the first version I did, but this one is just super cute!
Here is the original quilt:

I finally found a use for all of the leftover bits of binding that I've been saving.  I thought I would sew them together and use them for scrappy quilts, but I don't ever seem to have time to make those scrappy quilts.  I was looking through my bins for pieces big enough to finish some mug rugs and as I was putting the rest of the binding away I found a pattern and crochet hook for a rag rug.  Right then and there, I decided to get started on it and I just may be addicted!  I've already emptied several small bins of strips already, and have a good start on a lovely scrappy looking rug -

I'm trying for a couple rounds a day.  I have plenty of scraps to work with, and when I run out of the binding scraps, I've got a whole drawer of 2 inch strips I can use, not to mention my overflowing scrap bucket!  I'm super excited to have a new project I can work on in the evenings, plus a way to use these perfectly good bits and pieces of fabric.  As I work each color, I can usually remember the project that it went with.  So many quilts that I've done.  This rug is a real scrapbook of the quilts I have made over the past year and will surely be a great keepsake for me.  There's even a bit of the rocket ship fabric in it already.  It would be fun to count up all the different fabrics, I know I've saved a lot of pieces over the last few years!  

At any rate, it's always great to find a new way to use those bits of fabric I just can't seem to part with.  What's your favorite way to use up your scraps?