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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Happy Mail!

There is no better happy mail than getting an Ambassador box from Island Batik!  Every time I have opened one of these shipments I think that it is the best box ever, and I think they just keep getting better and better.  Here is my live video of my box opening:

I was pretty nervous about doing it - like most people I think my recorded voice sounds really weird and annoying, but I have decided to just get over myself and try to branch out a bit!  It was really fun, and I think I'll try to do more live videos on facebook!

I'm excited to sit down and look at the fun challenges we have been given for each month and start planning out how I want to use all these wonderful fabrics!  Because I have to make room for this bounty of new fabric, I sorted through the remaining fabric from the past two years (4 boxes!) and have put together some small bundles of goodies to give away.

From the first box, which I used to make this quilt I have some nice blues to give away-

From the second box,  Caribbean splash was the featured line, and I had a lovely selection of Sea Salt Sandy, from this line I have some Fat Quarters left over to share.

From the third box - this is when Island Batik started giving us a monthly challenge, as well as the opportunity to do a couple of blog hops for new books.  You can see how the creativity burst forth in my projects!  I actually used most of the fabrics, but do have a couple of those Stash Builder rolls that I can send out.

From the fourth box I had Dotalicious fabrics for my Blog hop project, Big Surf.  I also participated in The Road Home blog hop and made my quilt from bits and pieces from all my boxes!  I'll be sending out the remaining fabric from my kaleidoscope wall hanging in fall colors as a prize for this set of projects.

I wish I could offer to ship these items to all my readers, but unfortunately this giveaway will have to be to those of you living in the US due to the high cost of shipping.  Leave me a comment letting me know which of the projects you like best - I'll try to match your prize to your preference, but no guarantees!
I would like to thank the wonderful people at Island Batik for allowing me to be an Ambassador, as well as Auriful and Superior Threads for the wonderful addition of thread to the current box of goodies!  They do not pay me other than with the products provided and these are things I definitely would enjoy using and would purchase on my own.  I am always open to trying new products, and am happy to share my honest thoughts with my readers!  We are so blessed to live in a time when we have so many options for fabric and tools and I love to show what I like to use and how it works for me.  

I hope your day is a happy one with lots of quiting!