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Friday, January 01, 2016

An Unfortunate Discovery - or Why You Shouldn't Link Photos to Your Blog from Facebook

I was going back last night through some blog posts from earlier this year, and found that there were a lot of pictures missing!  I asked Google about this, and found that apparently facebook links expire after an indefinite period.  I had no clue!  I just thought I had discovered a convenient way to post pictures on my blog.  Thus, I spent a good part of this day replacing all of the pictures I could find that were missing.  It took a bit of detective work to find some of them as some are posted on my business page - PamelaQuilts, and some were posted on my personal page.

It did make me realize how productive I really am, however!  It was fun to see a lot of the projects I've worked on over the last two years.

This one is a bit older than that, but this is a favorite one - it is a miniaturized version of a larger quilt.  I kind of wish I could remember the pattern I used, it would be fun to do this one again.  I remember struggling with drafting out the templates for those corner shapes!

***edited to add that I found the pattern name - it is Nova Nouvelle by Ginny Beyer.  I made it in a smaller version.  Here is a blog post about it:  Red Ribbon for Nova Nouvelle.  I made it sometime around 2006 apparently, and sold it on Etsy.***

At least I enjoyed going though some pictures!  And I know not to post from those facebook urls anymore - I think I have found all the missing pictures for now, but I'll continue to keep my eye on this.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive sewing day!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Red Ribbon for Nova Nouvelle

Another second place for Nova Nouvelle in Miniature. What did I learn with this quilt? Always make sure you trim your seam allowances. I was so excited, impatient to put this together that I didn't do that. I realized after quilting that the shadows showed through and it doesn't look as finished as it should. Hopefully I will not do another quilt with this problem, but I do get in a hurry. Even with this small defect, I love this quilt and think it is beautiful. I would like to do a similar style lone star in different colors. It's amazing the effect that the color wash has on the design.

I am really excited, nervous, almost nauseous today. I had a picture cd made, and filled out an application for the Pacific International Quiltfest. I hope Butterfly Pond makes it in! I feel scared because I really don't want to be rejected, but I'm nervous that it will be accepted and looked at up-close and personal by the judges! I am keeping myself busy so I don't think about it too much, but I'm sure my heart rate soars every time I go there. Well, it's out of my hands now. Wish me luck, please!