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Friday, October 07, 2011

Luggage Tags for Minnesota

Today I worked on hemming a black dress and taking in a wedding gown at the zipper. Neither project was conducive to pictures, so you'll just have to take my word on those projects, they both came out pretty nicely!

Then I cleaned house for company tomorrow - we are going to watch King Kong - fun!

Then I finished up a set of luggage tags, from the pattern I reviewed earlier this summer by StudioCherie. I had a lot of fun choosing neat fabrics from my stash for these. The reason I am making so many of them is that my daughter and I are going to sell them as a fundraiser for her trip to the journalism convention in Minnesota. We have a month to raise almost $500.00, so that should keep me pretty busy - I'm going to do the sewing and she gets to do the selling. They will sell for $10.00 each, so that makes 5o - so far I've got 10 done. Guess I'd better get busy and keep stitching!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Make Luggage Tags by StudioCherie

Did I ever have an exhausting, but good day today. I worked at Threads That Bind until mid-afternoon. I spent my day working on cutting 8 tumbler kits from Asian fabrics and waiting on customers. Not boring, but I was on my feet the whole time. Then I had to go shopping and run errands after that. I was pretty tired when I got home!

After dinner I got my second wind and quilted more on the necktie quilt. It is so heavy to maneuver around under the needle. I am just using the walking foot to quilt a 1/4 inch around each tie, but it's still hard to work with. I am not sure I am happy with the quilting thus far, but we'll see how it looks tomorrow. I will definitely be very happy to have this quilt finished and out to its owner, so am going to keep working on it daily for sure!

After that I got to work on making some luggage tags. The pattern is by StudioCherie and I am very pleased with it! I started off my prepping all of the peltex that needed to be cut for the 15 tags I need to make. Whenever I have a large project like this I find the most efficient way is to do all of the cutting at once - this way I can have some of the prep done and get right to the fun part quicker during my next work session.
Part of the reason I really like this pattern is because in addition to the full size templates, there are instructions for cutting with your rotary cutter. This made it a simple process to cut all the backs and frames without having to worry about making a template and tracing. It only took a short time to get all of this step done and be ready for the pressing and sewing!

Didn't this one come out cute? (Sorry for the bad night time indoor pictures. I'll try to get tomorrow's project done in the morning and take a nice picture that you can enjoy) The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and included great tips for working with the peltex. I will be adding eyelets to the top, but will probably do all the tags at once to be more efficient. If you would be interested in trying the pattern for yourself you can find it here. I definitely recommend it - two thumbs up!