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Monday, March 18, 2019

Craving Chocolate...yes!

After taking a couple days break from the computer, I checked in this morning to see what the final Project Quilting challenge would be this week.  Craving Chocolate sounds like a great challenge to me, I do love my chocolate!  I had a great idea and decided to break out some pieces of lovely brown Island Batik fabric (received from Island Batik for my role as an Island Batik Ambassador) that I've never used yet.  My intention was to make a simple mug rug this morning and have an early finish for a change...
Well, I had so much fun cutting out the pieces using the Go! fabric cutting system that my quilt is definitely going to be larger than a mug rug!  Oh well, never enough chocolate, am I right?  (Thanks again to Accuquilt for providing this awesome cutting system, I am having way too much fun using it!)

Can't wait to start sewing these lovelies into a quilt!

I've got all the blocks quilted for the Brothers and Sisters quilt!  Now to get through the four borders....
And I'm putting the finishing touches on the wedding gown for my daughter!  I can't believe it's less than a month away already.  We are so looking forward to it!
I also snuck in a little bit of fun sewing some strings up.  Next week is Carla's String Along Blog hop - guess I'd better get ready for that, too.  Lots of sewing to do, I'm a happy girl to have so much fun fabric to play with and projects to work on.  I'll never be bored as long as I keep this up!

Looking forward to a fun week!