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Friday, July 25, 2014

July UFO Challenge - Cat Quilt

TGIF - or as quilters say - Thank Goodness It's Finished!  I'm actually ahead by a week after starting out the month behind, so I am thrilled to have this finished already.  This was a fun quilt to work on because it is just for me.  No worries about making anybody else happy, just do what I want :)

 I dug into my new set of Aurifil threads for this one - I absolutely love quilting with Aurifil thread - I think it's the best thread ever for both quilting and piecing.  I used a teal color, it was a bit brighter than the colors in the quilt, but it blended very nicely.  I just made loops all the kitties were playing with the thread in the sewing room.
 Isn't this pattern fun?  Every block is different.  So fun the way the kitties swirl around the center of this one!
Kitties climbing the curtains!  There must be a fly in this sewing room, that always gets my cat going!  I finished the quilt off with a black print binding.  I like the size, right at 50 inches.  It will be perfect to use as a lap quilt in the car.  Sometimes I get a little chilly when we are traveling, so this will be great for those times.  And if we stop for a little picnic, it will be just right for sitting on the grass!  Can't wait to try it out!

Tomorrow I'm going to do some piecing - I've got several projects waiting to get started so it will be a good day to get busy on one of them.  Then I think I might draw the number for the August UFO.  It might be a good idea to get started early, I've got a couple of the harder ones looming and it would be good to have a head start if I should happen to draw one of them!

I'll post my progress on facebook and instagram, if you want to see what I'm up to!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Rescued Project

As you know, I have a hard time resisting something for free. It's hard to turn someone down when they want to give you something for nothing - but I am learning! But this particular project was before those days, and it is one of many partially done projects that I am determined to finish, even if they didn't start in my own sewing room.

I had a set of six finished blocks, and a couple small pieces of yardage with a few strips thrown in for good measure. I decided the blocks just needed a simple setting with sashing, then bordered with the same brown. There was just enough of the yellow to make the binding. The leftover strips were enough to make hanging tags which I thought looked quite nice.

I thought all the hand-painted faces on the kitties were adorable, and I love that hungry looking one looking down at the mouse!

The bells were also on the package, so I added them with a touch of blue embroidery floss tied with a little bow. A couple of the cats had ears that were pressed down, but I pressed them back up because I liked them better that way. All in all a very cute quilt, and better a finished quilt than a baggie of bits and pieces!