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Welcome to the Quilter’s Recipe Box!  I was inspired to start this Block of the Month program by a friend that commented to me that quilt patterns are like recipes.  I started thinking about this and it just kind of grew into this collection of 12 different units that, when combined in different ways, make so many traditional quilt blocks!  Once you know how to make these basic units, you can literally combine them in hundreds of ways to make different blocks.

I am going to be keeping the instructions simple and in most cases, will present the traditional method of sewing these blocks.  I will be exploring each unit in depth on my blog and you are welcome to join me, whether you make one block or all of them!

Like any other recipe, I invite you to add your own personal touch!  That’s what cooking (and quilting) is about – you start with the basics and go from there.   I encourage you to work on accuracy in your cutting and sewing to get the best results.  I’ll be passing along tips as we go through the months to help you with this, as well as products to help make it easier.   As with cooking, the more you do the better you will get!

I will be making a set of 12 different recipe cards, one for each month.  Each card will feature a new unit and one quilt block made using that unit.  Through the month, I will also show 3 additional blocks you can make using the same unit – the bonus blocks will not be in print form, but I will be sharing them through my blog as well as on other social media venues.   If you would like to make a larger quilt, I’ve added an estimation of the amount needed.   You can also go scrappy for the blocks and just add a coordinating border and sashing to pull it all together!

Fabric needed:
·         1 yard focus fabric – pick a small to medium size print with colors that make you happy!  (3 for large quilt)
·         1 yard background – white or off white work well, but something that will contrast with your focus fabric.  (4 for large quilt)
·         1 yard sashing – chose a fabric that coordinates well with your focus fabric.   You can wait until you have made your blocks to choose this if you like, as it will be a frame for them.  (2 ½ for large quilt)

·         A quarter yard of 3 or 4 fabrics that coordinate with your focus print.  It can be a fat quarter or a regular quarter.  I used 3 fabrics in my sample. (1 yard each for large quilt or lots of fat quarters for a scrappy quilt!)

Every monday I will share another block with the current month's unit if you want to make the larger quilt.  As we go on you will see how you can mix and match the units to create many different blocks.  I will also share various tips throughout each month on sewing the featured unit.  As of January 1 2018, the patterns will be available on Etsy as a complete set for $10.00.  Thanks for following along with me!  

Here is a summary of the blocks as I made them.  I am using Dotalicious by Island Batik for this series - they provided the fabric in my Fall/Winter Ambassador box in the summer of 2016.

In January I started out showing you how to make some basic half square triangles.  The recipe card block was for a Friendship Star Block, and the alternate blocks were Shoo Fly BlockO Block and the Anvil Block.  Here is what they look like all set together:

In February I showed you how to make a split square unit and the block was Churn Dash.  The alternate blocks were Greek CrossRail Fence,  and Flitter.  This is what they look like together:

The March blocks all used a four patch block.  I started out with Jacob's Ladder, then added ThriftyValue, and Chained Friendship Star.  Here they are:

As you can see, the blocks are definitely getting more complex as we go!  The more units you have in a block the more color you can add, which I love!

The featured unit for April was a nine patch.  The first block was a Double Nine Patch.  I made another Jacob's Ladder VariationNine Patch Chain, and a Button block.  Here they are all together:

May's Unit was a Quarter Square Triangle units, which add even more interest to a block!  The first block was Ohio Star.  After that came the Swamp AngelClown's Choice, and finally Twinkle Star.  Here are those four blocks together:

And if you put all 20 blocks together here is what it might look like:

Or you could add sashing strips:

For June we added a Square in a Square Unit to our Recipe Box.  Our first block was Rolling Stone, then we did Ornate Star, Raspberry Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler.  A great set of blocks - here they are in a set:

July was a productive month, long and busy!  The unit this month was the Lozenge.  Our first block was Linoleum, which I did in a patriotic colorway.  Next up was Whirligig, then Merry Go Round and lastly a scrappy patch block.  These were all fun blocks to do and all together, here they are:

Since there was a fifth monday in July, I did another wrap up post with a picture collage of all the blocks done so far:

Looking good!

Our unit for August is one I call a Butterfly - I love the first block, it is called Crown of Thorns.  The second block I designed was inspired by the Solar Eclipse:  Eclipse Block.  The third block is Butterfly Flight, and the fourth is Fields of Green.

Septembers Unit is Flying Geese.  So versatile!  I had the challenge of working around a vacation at the beginning of the month, but managed to keep up quite well!  The first block was Apple Pie.  The second one was a bit of a design detour, but it's always fun to see different options, right?  I called this one Mountain Peaks in honor of the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  The third block was Burst, and the final Block is Rolling Squares.

October's Unit is a Split Half Square Triangle Unit.  The featured block of the month was Card Trick.  Then I had fun making up new blocks to use this interesting unit! Twisted Star was the second block, followed by Criss Cross and Star Flower.  These were all enjoyable and came out great!

November's Unit was the Square in a Triangle,  The blocks for this unit were Star Shadow, Aunt Dinah, Ninja Star, and Shocker.  Looking good, just one more set to go!

December's Unit is Triange in a Square.  This one is a tricky one, you will probably need to use the templates included with the block instructions if you don't have a specialty ruler to use for this.  The first block was Fifty-Four Forty or Fight.  Next was Four Pines.

Here are the links to the blog posts for all 48 blocks:

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