June Mini Madness 2020

I decided that I needed something fun and challenging to do in June, so the idea of making a mini quilt block every day popped into my head.  I decided to share the fun with my quilting friends and here we are!
I'm posting a block a day on my blog, facebook and instagram.  I'm sharing a video of how to sew the block (or how not to sew it in some cases!)

Here are some helpful links to help you follow along:
Fabric Requirements

I know that some of you will want written directions.  Those will be coming - I am not writing each block as a single lesson, because I don't want to end up with a 30 page pattern.  What I will do is compile the lessons and publish each page for you as it it fills up.  So every week or so there will be another page that you can download and save.  In the meantime, I will put all the measurements on each post so you can sew the blocks each day.

Before you start, if you are using the suggested three fabrics for your mini quilt with 3 inch squares,  cut two 3 1/2 inch strips from your background fabric and set them aside for the sashing, cut three 1 1/2 strips of your blue and set that aside for the outer border, and cut one 1 inch strip of red for your cornerstones and set that aside.  For the quilt made with 6 inch squares, you will need three 6 1/2 strips of your background, four 2 1/2 inch strips of blue for borders, and two 1 1/2 strips of red for cornerstones.  If you are working with scraps, you can plan for those amounts for finishing your quilt.

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Rebekah said...

Just FYI, the link for blocks 1-5 takes you to the Blocks 6-10 page.