Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Little Craftsy Love

Have you noticed I'm a big fan of Craftsy?   If you haven't given it a try, you really should!  They have a wonderful assortment of online classes, and there are several that are absolutely free.  The 2012 block of the month class was really fun - well, the first few months that I actually finished was, but no worries - I can come back anytime I want and finish them up because the classes never expire!  No TV in your sewing room?  That's not a problem either because you can watch the classes on your phone, iPad, even your Kindle Fire!  You can pause, rewind, and even ask questions.  Right now they are having a terrific sale, so it's a good time to pick out a class and try it out.  My favorite so far has been Angela Walters class on Machine Quilting Negative Space - I played it on my Kindle while quilting, it was a great way to learn some new ideas.  The next one I am going to take is Perfect Pizza at home - we love pizza here!  I think I might need to try this one as well!

Another reason I love Craftsy?  The patterns!  You have never seen such a selection of patterns, all available at a moment's notice.  I needed a boys vest pattern and did not want to run to the fabric store, so I went to Craftsy and found just what I wanted.  Chose my pattern, paid for it (only via paypal), printed it up and had my project underway before I could have been to the store and back.  Plus, by buying your patterns on Craftsy you are supporting the independent designers who are designing those patterns - Craftsy does not charge anything, all the profit goes to those hardworking people who labor to share their ideas and help others create!  I am one of these - see my pattern shop here.  I love that Craftsy helps me to get my patterns into the hands of people all over the world!  I could never do that on my own!

Craftsy also has supplies.  Of course, I go for the fabric, but they have an awesome selection of yarn!  Oh, it's so much fun to shop there, and you don't even have to get out of your jammies.  I have a link on the right to some of my favorites...charm squares of course!  So tempting.

If you haven't joined their online community, you really should.  Share your projects and check out what other people are making!  Kind of like Pinterest, you can find some really amazing things that people have made.

My last reason, and the reason for this post is that Craftsy really shares their love - I've seen my patterns and pictures featured on Facebook several times and you would not know how much it thrills me to see my items scroll by on my newsfeed!  Today they were promoting a blog post on table runners:  10 Quilted Table Runner Patterns to Celebrate Spring.  So fun to see my pattern on their list!  I love the way Craftsy shares the love of making every way they can!

Thanks, Craftsy, for encouraging us to make more pretty stuff!

***Edited to add the fun for me of seeing my pattern as number one on the trending list :)  Always an encouragement to find myself there!

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